Clement Chabernaud for Varon Magazine

Don’t you just lose your shit over great layering?  Great textures…Props to the stylist.



Photographer: Mark Kean

Model: Clement Chabernaud

Style: Way Perry



Kadir Killic Pre-Fall


Give me oversized sweaters, black leather jumpsuits, HUGE black hats… GIVE ME LIFE.  I’m pretty stoked for the this new collection.  The simple elegance of it all really draws me in.  Basic staple clothing given an extreme way to sort personal expression.  I must say I’m digging this very very much.Kadir_pre_fall_2014_1 Kadir_pre_fall_2014_2 Kadir_pre_fall_2014_3 Kadir_pre_fall_2014_4 Kadir_pre_fall_2014_5 Kadir_pre_fall_2014_6 Kadir_pre_fall_2014_7 Kadir_pre_fall_2014_8 Kadir_pre_fall_2014_9 Kadir_pre_fall_2014_10



Kadir Kılıç Pre-Fall 2014 collection is inspired by two points that come from the 2009 Israeli film Eyes Wide Open, religion (judaism) and secret homosexuality. the film is a 2009 israeli film. Inspired by that, the collection features lots of details from jewish culture.” -Fucking Young!


Photographer: Aytekin Yalçın
Stylist: Emrecan Sandal
Model: Ahmet Vatansever
Hair Stylist: Mehmet Kuzey
Make-up: Barış Şahin
Stylist asistant : Ceren Uzuner


Video Artist -Pelin Kacar

The swing of things

Sometimes we need to let the beat take over.  Shuffle across the stolen moments taken from the lost and lingering of past entries…

Find ourselves full of questions that relate to nothing more than a side note.

These are the times when the swing of things seems to be untouchable, but for most it’s the simple sound of finding that is being danced upon.

Bouncing off of you…

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all photos via pinterest