The swing of things

Sometimes we need to let the beat take over.  Shuffle across the stolen moments taken from the lost and lingering of past entries…

Find ourselves full of questions that relate to nothing more than a side note.

These are the times when the swing of things seems to be untouchable, but for most it’s the simple sound of finding that is being danced upon.

Bouncing off of you…

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all photos via pinterest


“Dallas Paris” for Sleek Magazine

One of my favorite things to do is go back through old editorials that really inspire me.  While digging through some old issues of Sleek I came across an editorial ft. Paolo Anchisi photographed by Markus Pritzi.   Sleek being my favorite magazine I’m sure you will also be inspired by this somewhat “throwback”.


photographed by Markus Pritzi for Sleek magazine. Styling: Isabelle Thiry.

Inspiration: Birthday Dreams

Every year at about this time… something kicks in.  Either the let go of the past or an insight into the future. I can never really tell what exactly it is.  Completion of myself in a constant evolution.  Changing the threads as much as changing the days of the week.  To find myself it is important to loose myself.  Forgetting what has held me down and what could possibly lift me up.  Letting go of lost love and embracing the arms of found love.  Remembering who I was and who I will become.  My birthday dreams… becoming … lingering… figuring… out exactly what I’m suppose to be for another year of evolution.


all photos via pinterest

Inspiration: Dramatics

Completely crushing walls…  The dramatics stand out from the overly accessorized to the heeled bold.  The transformation from subtle to extreme can be tempted with the slightest touches from different areas of confidence.  The sweet beat of the song being played is that of the over dramatic.  The ones that seem to draw attention to the over embellished by throwing simplicities a different type of bone.

Finding love and balance in confiding in the dramatic swarms.  Seeing all the glitz inside the glamour.

Some extreme inspiration from the boys of Drama…

all photos via pinterest

MAN-ic Monday: Fashion Dreams

I’m always day dreaming about this exact type of fashion! Amazingly broadcasted through this editorial done for  VIVA! MODA ,  photographer Rene Habermacher  captures some of my personal infatuations with specific subculture fashion.  Respecting the the fine lines that classify a specific style.  Something that I find so interesting.

The styling in this is beyond.  Capturing composer mixed with structure.  Completely customized and created a clean yet thrilling look.  Cohesive yet different.  Balanced perfect.

Get it Greg Nawrat

Model : Greg Nawrat

Photographer: Rene Habermacher

Stylist: Andrzej Soboloewski