Vow Clothing, an L.A. based brand has once again released a gritty and very raw lookbook.  Influenced by their love of the alternative mixed with their punk vibes…Vow never disappoints me.  I had the great pleasure of being able to work with them on an editorial for fashiongrunge.com .  You can check the “Outsiders” here

For now enjoy that new new from Vow.

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Obscur SS14

I must say that my own personal style is more in this direction.  I do like to have more of a uniformed neutral sensibility to my wardrobe, however there is something about statement pieces I do like to have incorporated to portray a simple yet content with boldness look.  Really into the SS14 collection by Berlins based brand Obscur… I have been a fan of their architecture for some time now.  I love the oversized canvass draped in neutral colors.   Here are a few looks shot by photographer Magnus Klackenstam for SS14


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Ola for Obscur SS14 photographed by Magnus Klackenstam

Martine Rose SS14

Martine takes her inspiration of “Individuality”  telling us a story where people draw their individual inspirations from everywhere.  From the curtains on the windows to the table cloths sprawling across the kitchen table.  She creates some intriguing looks for this upcoming SS season.

Oversized trousers seem to be a trend for the upcoming season as well as the more functional bomber jacket.  I’m completely in love with the modern undertone combined with the more structured piece.  Extremely please by this indepndant designer.   Here are a few of my favorite looks you can see the rest of the looks Here



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all photos via nowfashion

Acne SS14 Lookbook

Even though Spring and Summer are my least favorite seasons and I find myself looking forward to the colder more frigid weather… I do love Acne Studios..

Seeing some really interesting metallic pieces… creative detail and a surprisingly oversized silhouette.  I’m completely down for it… all cept for the shoes… I think I could live without them.acne_ss14_1 acne_ss14_2 acne_ss14_3 acne_ss14_4 acne_ss14_5 acne_ss14_6 acne_ss14_7 acne_ss14_8 acne_ss14_9 acne_ss14_10 acne_ss14_11 acne_ss14_12 acne_ss14_13 acne_ss14_14

Photographed by