The swing of things

Sometimes we need to let the beat take over.  Shuffle across the stolen moments taken from the lost and lingering of past entries…

Find ourselves full of questions that relate to nothing more than a side note.

These are the times when the swing of things seems to be untouchable, but for most it’s the simple sound of finding that is being danced upon.

Bouncing off of you…

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all photos via pinterest


Bjorn Merinder by Magdalena Lawniczak

this interesting portrait series shot by Paris based photographer Magdalena Lawniczak for boys by girls magazine … It really reaches out and speaks to me. A time where I find myself living more of a solitude lifestyle… Summer heat mixed with the thoughts and expressions that can be overwhelming at times. I also find myself sprawled out across a neutral bed clinging to the crisp air that is so hard to fInd.

Wearing nothing more than some basic staples this series captures more than just a fashion inspired set.image













“When I grow up I want to be a daydreamer” for I Love Fake

Part 4 of just one of these pieces.  “When I grow up…” is exactly how I’m feeling lately.  Completely daydreaming and continuing to chase “the dream” .  Nothing on my mind… I’m good.

Published a few months ago this along with a few other editorials were done for I love Fake magazine.  Get into it…22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33

this edit by Jordy Huinderi

featuring Melle van Baardwijk and Ryan van Gendt

groomed by Jen Fuite

shot by Jolijn Snijders for her mag I love Fake.


MAN-ic Monday: “Say You’ll Be There” for Fucking Young!

I couldn’t have just one MAN-ic post today… this was just too good.Ever wonder what the Spice Girls would look like as boys?  I’m so jealous I wasn’t able to be the one who worked on this editorial!  I have been wanting to re create this for so long now.  Glad to see they had a good time doing it.  I love this.  LOVE this.  Obsessed with how they took iconic photos from the Spice Girls past and completely remade them.  So awesome.

sayyoullbethere_fy_2 sayyoullbethere_fy_3 sayyoullbethere_fy_4 sayyoullbethere_fy_5 sayyoullbethere_fy_6 sayyoullbethere_fy_7 sayyoullbethere_fy_8 sayyoullbethere_fy_9 sayyoullbethere_fy_10 sayyoullbethere_fy_11 sayyoullbethere_fy_12

Tidiou M’Baye, Igor Stepanov, Josh Tuckley, Toby Leonard & Jevan at Select Model Management, photographed byCésar Segarra and styled by Roberto Piqueras with pieces from Vivienne Westwood, Lacoste Live, Jeremy Scott, Tom Ford and more, for the Spring/Summer 2013 issue of Fucking Young! magazine.

Get your “1997″ issue of Fucking Young! magazine here!


Make up & hair — Declan Sheils
Post production — Jose Gil Die
Photography assistant — Coco Capitán
Styling assistant — Arun Cook
Make up & hair assistant — Sarah Hill

“The Wild Ones” for Boys by Girls

While the summer is in full swing I find myself already grasping onto the memories of a Cali summer.  Floating around under palm trees and blue skys… feelings of never growing up spin all around me.  While digging through inspiration I came across an editorial for Boys by Girls from last year.  Capturing and inspiring me to remember the feelings of youth and the excitement of nostalgia…”Wild Ones” capture on a timeless story portrayed through a style and tone that captures more than just a friendship is truly inspiring.

“We wanted to bring in some Argentinian model talent we have been keeping an eye on, so we invited photographer Belen Asad to capture Lucho and Edu at Hey! Management. In this intimate story, she explores the boys’ friendship in a natural and relaxed setting in the Buenos Aires area. Through the series of black and white images, we can feel the Latin American influence hitting us.

We love Lucho and Edu’s playfulness and carefree attitude, as each image keeps us captured as we are introduced to their world. Hey, Buenos Aires boys, we can dig it.”


Photography BELEN ASAD
Models LUCHO ZABRANA & EDU BEBER (Hey! Management)