Boyfriend meets MAN-ic: Two Rude Dudes

In the lack of this weeks MAN-ic Monday and the continuation of our Boyfriend Material installment I decided to mix both of these crowd favorites into a post that brings us the best of both worlds …Always obsessed with what my main boyy Dudley is up to, inspired by Novembers piece featuring him and Loammi… capturing an “avant gard grunge” they capture a freedom that delivers a nostalgia to the masses.  Something that ties in our younger days, and seems to play on the evolution of oneself… we find ourselves layering, and gathering texture through industrial styled placement.  Gripping to the edge of our threads and announcing them to the world through a bolder statement presented perfectly here in this November issue of NEO2.



satypratha_neo2_1 satypratha_neo2_2 satypratha_neo2_3 satypratha_neo2_4 satypratha_neo2_5 satypratha_neo2_6 satypratha_neo2_7


models: dudley o’shaughnessy, next london
loammi goetghebeur, premier london
styling: rickardo mattocks-maxwell
grooming: leah bennett
casting: the eye casting
photography & art direction:


Boyfriend Material: Conor Doherty for Fiasco Magazine

Conor Doherty…

once told he was “too young” to break out into modeling world and now he is signed to Elite Models and is on his way to splashing spreads for all of us.  Shot recently for Fiasco Magazine, I’ve been finding myself a bit obsessed with his “care-free” and “lazy” style… Hoodies, jeans, t-shirts… he seems like the perfect dude to catch some sunday morning cartoons with, veg out, and probably a good person to egg houses with… and according to Conor,  Snoop dog is someone he would love to have dinner with… “Snoop Dog, He’s just a cool guy…He’s just chill.  Gettin high…and eat some nice food”.

Sounds like a good weekend to me.

MG_2473-e1354112588682 MG_2471-e1354112562207 MG_2492-e1354112606870 MG_2498-e1354112620269 MG_2506-e1354112636265 MG_2562-e1354112666253 MG_2563-e1354112680457

Film & Photography by Eva K. Salvi.

All photos and video via Fiasco Magazine

Boyfriend Material: Black Bear

Weekend flowing!  Black Bear!  This singer, songwriter, producer first peaked my interest last year when one of my friends were introduced to a mixtape he had worked on.  The “Stay Schemin” remix is still on my top playlist today.  Following some of his “underground” music through mixtapes you can decide on your own if his music is something you may wanna taste, otherwise lets focus on his individual style that bleeds from this artist.  Keeping with an “alternative” style he gets into our heads with the trends and garments of multiple classes of style.  From grunge, to emo, to hip hop, to vanilla, this boy seems to compliment his music tastes through his fashion by expressing the staples found in most of the subcultures existence.   Let the music seduce you and get inspired his Man-ic style.


all photos pinterest

Boyfriend Material: Thomas Cohen

Being struck with a bit of writers block on top of being stretched extremely thin with work related things, I would like to apologize for the brief absence.  This week I was approached by a good friend requesting some inspo based upon the boy that is Thomas Cohen.  Married to Peaches Geldof this boy is def. garnishing the boyfriend material lifestyle.  Being not only an active and involved parent he also seems to treat the lady pretty well.  Amazing style inspired by grunge and rock culture he embarks on presenting his personal style with grunge aesthetics touched by the perfect amount of “vanilla” .  Being a fan of the “dreamy” rock band, I have taken the time to pull inspiration for my own tastes of style and blend some of that inspiration here for you.  Let the “dreamy” rocker inspire you!  

all photos via Thomas Cohen Tumblr

For Lisa Cruz

Boyfriend Material: What is your type?

As fashion week explodes onto the pages of the fashion blogs across the world.  I’m going to focus the attention on the boys of boyfriend material.  Finding the concepts behind ones “type” is never easy.  The types that describe each fashion subculture to it’s full extent. Fall into the possibilities of each genre while respecting the rags that garnish the boy.  The rags that make up an entire “type” of boy.  Chances are that all of us blend fluidly into one aesthetic.  The human aesthetic…

Until the crowd hears what the rest of us are trying to say lets keep it simple…

Here are some boys from the pages of all our books.  Either we represent the subculture given or we find ourselves flirting with the shiny covers of all the books…

all photos via pinterest