“Stillness of the Mind” SS14 by Misomber Nuan

Super excited to talk about their upcoming season!  A fairly newer label Misomber Nuan takes us into their newest collection “Stillness of the Mind”  Beautiful architecture mixed with diverse texturing always grabs at me.  Simple sillouhetes invoking a sort of calm into ones portrayal of individual fashion.  You can check out more great photos from this spread here

1308_512229142181828_962410510_n 7437_507820402622702_736565684_n 9059_507805049290904_2066185870_n 17524_512653558806053_242671272_n 421895_507570882647654_749482453_n 598342_512653555472720_1255691359_n 969870_509100442494698_1659046907_n 969882_507820442622698_589579599_n 970055_509046829166726_1549289371_n 970592_512653538806055_1226104580_n 1044475_511964595541616_1321969373_n 1045220_512635568807852_1109522857_n


all photos via Misomber Nuan


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