While being plagued by the undesirable attention that the lack of inspiration causes, I have been trying to broden not only my horizons but my personal styles horizons as well.  Taking a few steps backwards while a few leaps forward, I find myself beginning to drift into a new direction.  My fascination with street wear has begun to burn a bit brighter these days.  The constant shuffle of the season and the festivities it brings has brought me to a table of exhaustion.  Not only with personal work related situations, but in my own presented canvass of clothing.  I notice my wandering eye and the attraction it has towards this new threaded lifestyle.  While diving in and tasting some of these new labels I came across a a collection that was announced back in Dec.

Now that we are finally moving into the warmer weather my mind is captivated by the function and standard comfort this designer has brought on.  Designer Virgil Abloh has successfully carried his inspirations and experiences and has collided them with todays modern, yet still a very bold take on street wear.

“From American designer, Virgil Abloh.

The winner will always be young.

It’s all based of his high school experience. Pusha-T drug raps. Champion gym uniforms. Caravaggio obsession. Micheal Jordan as God. Kurt cobain felt the most real. Black kid with white tendencies.

That juxtaposition.

Being self-taught was the extent of his art education. Added help from living and breathing youth street skate culture combined with living in Rome and Paris.

YOUTH WINS GAMES no matter the sport. Pavement. Concrete.

Models casted from Harlem to Amsterdam to represent the YOUTH. The next.”

It’s always about how you wear it.  Wear the clothing … don’t let the clothing wear you.   Get inspired by some of the looks others have compiled and get moving in a new direction.

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