Something softer from the edgier side of things.  Sharp points meet soft hems and turned cuffs meet perfect lines.  Posing our eyes onto the threads aimed to inspire the edgy ones looking to tone and mature their already established confidence.  I’m diggin this fall winter 2013…Giuliano-Fujiwara-FW13-02 Giuliano-Fujiwara-FW13-03-420x630 Giuliano-Fujiwara-FW13-04-420x630 Giuliano-Fujiwara-FW13-08-420x630 Giuliano-Fujiwara-FW13-10-420x630 Giuliano-Fujiwara-FW13-12-420x630 Giuliano-Fujiwara-FW13-13-420x630 Giuliano-Fujiwara-FW13-14-420x630 Giuliano-Fujiwara-FW13-15-420x630 Giuliano-Fujiwara-FW13-16-420x630 Giuliano-Fujiwara-FW13-18-420x630


Check out the rest of the editorial over on selectism 

All photos via selectism


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