Inspiration:The reflecting part

The time of year where we like to let ourselves transcend from one chapter to another.  The completion of a yearly cycle and the burial and rememberance of a past tone.   We allow ourselves to reflect only to evolve.  The glow that started the day we were born and now has esteemed to be a brighter fire that seems to get bigger with each passing year.  It’s a good time to remember what got us here, the people who helped, the encouraging words, the mountains climbed, the obstacles tackled, love that we gained, and love that we lost.  I reflect on my own experiences to understand a future existance.

I gathered a bunch of my favorite things from 2012.  In the short time that I’ve been doing boyytalk, I’ve found a way to combine personal experiences into a delivery of fashion inspired expression.  Enjoy some of my favorites from the boyys of 2012!

drums-by-hedi-slimane 27572543693 27050750711 30246834490 27787281121  54254370481773679_7PnQoVFq 157133474468214323_qwJnZaGG 149041068890182648_fWiL3inN 221450506648861010_bwKWWoFi andrea egjhz8KR street king-me tumblr_m9zk2yPhsS1qggwnvo1_1280 tumblr_m73zqgLHqK1rrnc83o1_500 tumblr_m6138tSRJ21rtcnpoo1_500thefashionguy-mannenmode-nathaniel-rooklyn reddelicious disimba-hitler-youth 035_walter_van_beirendonck


all photos via pinterest


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