Boyfriend meets MAN-ic: Two Rude Dudes

In the lack of this weeks MAN-ic Monday and the continuation of our Boyfriend Material installment I decided to mix both of these crowd favorites into a post that brings us the best of both worlds …Always obsessed with what my main boyy Dudley is up to, inspired by Novembers piece featuring him and Loammi… capturing an “avant gard grunge” they capture a freedom that delivers a nostalgia to the masses.  Something that ties in our younger days, and seems to play on the evolution of oneself… we find ourselves layering, and gathering texture through industrial styled placement.  Gripping to the edge of our threads and announcing them to the world through a bolder statement presented perfectly here in this November issue of NEO2.



satypratha_neo2_1 satypratha_neo2_2 satypratha_neo2_3 satypratha_neo2_4 satypratha_neo2_5 satypratha_neo2_6 satypratha_neo2_7


models: dudley o’shaughnessy, next london
loammi goetghebeur, premier london
styling: rickardo mattocks-maxwell
grooming: leah bennett
casting: the eye casting
photography & art direction:


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