Boyfriend Material: Conor Doherty for Fiasco Magazine

Conor Doherty…

once told he was “too young” to break out into modeling world and now he is signed to Elite Models and is on his way to splashing spreads for all of us.  Shot recently for Fiasco Magazine, I’ve been finding myself a bit obsessed with his “care-free” and “lazy” style… Hoodies, jeans, t-shirts… he seems like the perfect dude to catch some sunday morning cartoons with, veg out, and probably a good person to egg houses with… and according to Conor,  Snoop dog is someone he would love to have dinner with… “Snoop Dog, He’s just a cool guy…He’s just chill.  Gettin high…and eat some nice food”.

Sounds like a good weekend to me.

MG_2473-e1354112588682 MG_2471-e1354112562207 MG_2492-e1354112606870 MG_2498-e1354112620269 MG_2506-e1354112636265 MG_2562-e1354112666253 MG_2563-e1354112680457

Film & Photography by Eva K. Salvi.

All photos and video via Fiasco Magazine


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