MAN-ic Monday: “Wanna Ride” for Attitude Magazine

We all wanna ride…


The turns and twists that the daze sets forth from recent editorial for  UK gay online mag…Attitude Magazine…  the complications swiftly followed by a do-able yet bold look.  The constant texture takes over through the bright colors of a day dream.  Finding the trust just in time.

Not always something I dive into with my own personal style, color sure seems to be a staple in this piece.  The fashion seeps from the color block creating imagery through a passion for bold seduction.  Bringing the MAN-ic back for you this Monday!  Enjoy some real manic, have some fun, find a new kind of hope and inspire yourself to be a little more adventerouse this week.


attitude-Homotography-14attitude-Homotography-01 attitude-Homotography-03 attitude-Homotography-04 attitude-Homotography-05 attitude-Homotography-07

Editorial: Wanna Ride?
Model: Matt Trethe, Steven Beckett, Etem Ozyay, Frankie Wade, David Valensi, Emmanuel Lawal, Luiz Leite, Jon Norris and Mark Norris
Photographer: Steeve Beckouet
Stylist: Frank Strachan


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