#fashionhustle: A fashiongrunge.com Holiday 2012 Look book

Lots of things have been going on!  I told you the other day I was using all sorts of inspiration for a major project, well here it is!  Fashiongrunge has launched it’s first online pop up shop!  Featuring pieces from ZalezStudio, Puja Jewelry, Disciples of Vintage, Native Standard, Haus of Love, and PangeabyK !  Zalez has an awesome take on bringing us futuristic space age avante gard while  Puja brings us the connection in gender free jewelry, Disciples has all those vintage pieces that will add the perfect touch to everyday garments, and get comfy in Native Standard!

Photographer Lauren Brown captures the holiday spirit mixed with the playful thoughts we all seem to daydream about.  Captured in an L.A. apartment the kids of fashiongrunge sure seem to exist on a gritty wavelength.


For the boys, I hand deliver you some of my favorite pieces found exclusive for one month only on fashiongrunge.com 

See the Look book in it’s entirety here!






Photography: Lauren M Brown

Models: Teagan Giffin & Chloe Jillings

Stylists: Cody McCook & Becca Ciacchi

Production Assistant: Jacob Valentin

Fashion Assistant: Sean Karimian

Thanks soo much to Zalez Studio, Native Standard, Puja Jewelry, Disciples of Vintage, Haus of Love Vintage, and PangeabyK!!


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