Boyfriend meets MAN-ic: Two Rude Dudes

In the lack of this weeks MAN-ic Monday and the continuation of our Boyfriend Material installment I decided to mix both of these crowd favorites into a post that brings us the best of both worlds …Always obsessed with what my main boyy Dudley is up to, inspired by Novembers piece featuring him and Loammi… capturing an “avant gard grunge” they capture a freedom that delivers a nostalgia to the masses.  Something that ties in our younger days, and seems to play on the evolution of oneself… we find ourselves layering, and gathering texture through industrial styled placement.  Gripping to the edge of our threads and announcing them to the world through a bolder statement presented perfectly here in this November issue of NEO2.



satypratha_neo2_1 satypratha_neo2_2 satypratha_neo2_3 satypratha_neo2_4 satypratha_neo2_5 satypratha_neo2_6 satypratha_neo2_7


models: dudley o’shaughnessy, next london
loammi goetghebeur, premier london
styling: rickardo mattocks-maxwell
grooming: leah bennett
casting: the eye casting
photography & art direction:


Boyfriend Material: Conor Doherty for Fiasco Magazine

Conor Doherty…

once told he was “too young” to break out into modeling world and now he is signed to Elite Models and is on his way to splashing spreads for all of us.  Shot recently for Fiasco Magazine, I’ve been finding myself a bit obsessed with his “care-free” and “lazy” style… Hoodies, jeans, t-shirts… he seems like the perfect dude to catch some sunday morning cartoons with, veg out, and probably a good person to egg houses with… and according to Conor,  Snoop dog is someone he would love to have dinner with… “Snoop Dog, He’s just a cool guy…He’s just chill.  Gettin high…and eat some nice food”.

Sounds like a good weekend to me.

MG_2473-e1354112588682 MG_2471-e1354112562207 MG_2492-e1354112606870 MG_2498-e1354112620269 MG_2506-e1354112636265 MG_2562-e1354112666253 MG_2563-e1354112680457

Film & Photography by Eva K. Salvi.

All photos and video via Fiasco Magazine

MAN-ic Monday: “Wanna Ride” for Attitude Magazine

We all wanna ride…


The turns and twists that the daze sets forth from recent editorial for  UK gay online mag…Attitude Magazine…  the complications swiftly followed by a do-able yet bold look.  The constant texture takes over through the bright colors of a day dream.  Finding the trust just in time.

Not always something I dive into with my own personal style, color sure seems to be a staple in this piece.  The fashion seeps from the color block creating imagery through a passion for bold seduction.  Bringing the MAN-ic back for you this Monday!  Enjoy some real manic, have some fun, find a new kind of hope and inspire yourself to be a little more adventerouse this week.


attitude-Homotography-14attitude-Homotography-01 attitude-Homotography-03 attitude-Homotography-04 attitude-Homotography-05 attitude-Homotography-07

Editorial: Wanna Ride?
Model: Matt Trethe, Steven Beckett, Etem Ozyay, Frankie Wade, David Valensi, Emmanuel Lawal, Luiz Leite, Jon Norris and Mark Norris
Photographer: Steeve Beckouet
Stylist: Frank Strachan

#fashionhustle: A Holiday 2012 Look book

Lots of things have been going on!  I told you the other day I was using all sorts of inspiration for a major project, well here it is!  Fashiongrunge has launched it’s first online pop up shop!  Featuring pieces from ZalezStudio, Puja Jewelry, Disciples of Vintage, Native Standard, Haus of Love, and PangeabyK !  Zalez has an awesome take on bringing us futuristic space age avante gard while  Puja brings us the connection in gender free jewelry, Disciples has all those vintage pieces that will add the perfect touch to everyday garments, and get comfy in Native Standard!

Photographer Lauren Brown captures the holiday spirit mixed with the playful thoughts we all seem to daydream about.  Captured in an L.A. apartment the kids of fashiongrunge sure seem to exist on a gritty wavelength.


For the boys, I hand deliver you some of my favorite pieces found exclusive for one month only on 

See the Look book in it’s entirety here!






Photography: Lauren M Brown

Models: Teagan Giffin & Chloe Jillings

Stylists: Cody McCook & Becca Ciacchi

Production Assistant: Jacob Valentin

Fashion Assistant: Sean Karimian

Thanks soo much to Zalez Studio, Native Standard, Puja Jewelry, Disciples of Vintage, Haus of Love Vintage, and PangeabyK!!

MAN-ic Monday: BERLIN BOHÉME! for KALTBLUT Magazine

I love this magazine.  Reminding me of the work I do with my team at fashiongrunge, they are bringing us music, fashion, art, culture in a wanted and seducing way.  This week I give you an editorial from the mag!

The boys have a very clean yet very MAN-ic side to them.  Clothing layered, wearable, and unwearable looks.  Captured in black and white on the streets of Berlin.  Dressed in Acne, Schiesser, Tiger of Sweden … Susan the stylist really did give us some innocence mixed with just the right amount of bad.


“The Karl-Marx-Allee is a grand boulevard in Berlin. It was built in the post-war years and originally was called Stalinallee. The buildings are for the most part in the stalinistic architectural style. Main architect responsible was Hermann Henselmann, alongside other architects. The boulevard is divided up into various blocks.” – Kaltblut Magazine


Photography by Marcel Schlutt for KALTBLUT Magazine

Styling by Susan Bosslau

Hair & Make up by Pascale Jean Louis

Models: Karl, Vince, Vedran and Paul at Izaio Models Berlin.

All Copyrights at KALTBLUT Magazine