Boyfriend Material: Thomas Cohen

Being struck with a bit of writers block on top of being stretched extremely thin with work related things, I would like to apologize for the brief absence.  This week I was approached by a good friend requesting some inspo based upon the boy that is Thomas Cohen.  Married to Peaches Geldof this boy is def. garnishing the boyfriend material lifestyle.  Being not only an active and involved parent he also seems to treat the lady pretty well.  Amazing style inspired by grunge and rock culture he embarks on presenting his personal style with grunge aesthetics touched by the perfect amount of “vanilla” .  Being a fan of the “dreamy” rock band, I have taken the time to pull inspiration for my own tastes of style and blend some of that inspiration here for you.  Let the “dreamy” rocker inspire you!  

all photos via Thomas Cohen Tumblr

For Lisa Cruz


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