MAN-ic Monday: Bastian Thiery

Manic takes the shape of Bastian Thiery this week.  Bastian first caught my eye in B Magazine.  Portrayed in an editorial called “Chaos into control” he does just that.  Always the strong individual in his pieces he comes out in strong architecture and persuades the reader to take a step in a different direction.  Keeping my eye on this model for sometime now… he seems to be dominating the male model world…  inside and out!   For me his look never really changes… it’s what his “look” represents that catches my eye.  One minute you can feel an icy cold, the next you seem to be on his same wavelength. It is best just to let go and take in what is Bastian Thiery.

He has enough looks to persuade any of us I’m sure.

The first three and last two images are from his latest editorial for Attitude Magazine… see links below for more Thiery!

Check out the rest of his latest editorial at Attitude Magazine

Or check out more great work from Bastian here!


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