Inspiration: Macaulay Culkin by Terry Richardson

Gearing up for a major project tomorrow, we find ourselves pulling inspiration for the models based around this spread.  I love the grungy, crispy, raunchy yet subtle editorial.  I can’t say too much about the inspiration I’ve pulled, but would love to present it to you so that you may take in what you need.  Let it in.


Inspiration: Lazy Hustle

With new projects launching and the future of hard work blossoming…I look forward to the moments where it is just me, myself, and I. Season of hibernation and time spent reflecting on the future, It’s hard for me to let certain memories go… It is even harder for me to say goodbye to certain ghosts. It is important though to remember the magic that has delivered me here. The place that I stand with my friends and look out on the venture and the steps it has taken. The progress is a reminder that we really can do the things we set our minds too.

Gripping to the fabric of solids that garment me. The thoughts of a new beginning are what fuel my fashion. The creative slumber that one must take every now and then to regain the phoenix of rebirth.

MAN-ic Monday: Cameron Handley for Husk Magazine

Digging deep for some holiday time inspiration and remembering the collections from the Fall/Winter 2012 launches, I found myself diving into plaids, and texture, rough edging and light explanation.  The construction in the Thom Browne pieces worn by Cameron for Husk are more than just appetizing.  They create a solace found in the bold only by expressing the strength and courage one will need in order to assemble a lot of the collection.  Cameron is captured in stunning movement placed between breaking boundaries.  I can contemplate the satisfaction from the looks, I can even contemplate the satisfaction of ownership…I look forward to more interesting pieces of art, and will continue to be pleasantly surprised by the MAN-ic culture.



Cameron Handley photographed by Stefani Pappas and styled by Andrew Mukamal with pieces from Thom Browne Fall/Winter 2012 collection, for the Winter 2012 issue of Husk magazine

Boyfriend Material: Black Bear

Weekend flowing!  Black Bear!  This singer, songwriter, producer first peaked my interest last year when one of my friends were introduced to a mixtape he had worked on.  The “Stay Schemin” remix is still on my top playlist today.  Following some of his “underground” music through mixtapes you can decide on your own if his music is something you may wanna taste, otherwise lets focus on his individual style that bleeds from this artist.  Keeping with an “alternative” style he gets into our heads with the trends and garments of multiple classes of style.  From grunge, to emo, to hip hop, to vanilla, this boy seems to compliment his music tastes through his fashion by expressing the staples found in most of the subcultures existence.   Let the music seduce you and get inspired his Man-ic style.


all photos pinterest

MAN-ic Monday: Jeremy Wardlaw

With something piercing in every action. Something exudes from this Manic boy that I don’t think anyone can really pin point .  I feel crossed and a bit anxious when looking between the fashion forward editorials, or the raw image he seems to carry so gently.  Not only does he wear the clothes, he also seems to exude his own style through even his accessories… from extreme headgear, bold patterns, gender bending roles, and still delivering us with something than just another look on todays men in fashion. He leaves us wanting to know more of the story being delivered.  Grasping it with our sense in fashion and allowing the model to completely transform thread and fabric and to deliver us with a complete and untouchable sense to fashion, yet somehow we leave knowing that it is something completely in our grasp.


all photos via pinterest and Jeremy Wardlaw Tumblr