MAN-ic Monday: Hard Ass

The simple solace of feeling normal.  The over abundance of overwhelming lengths.  To get crushed and stepped on is something most of us wish to never experience.  The boys who completely destroy their task with nothing more than their own inner solace is something that I esteem to have.  The showing of the “Hard Ass” .  The non emotional response we get from those who seem to keep to themselves.  Whispers gather around nothing.  The subtle hints of a past emotion lingers onto the back of the past.  The future holds nothing more than another simple nod with no rewarding justification.  The things that most of us hide.  The things that most of wish to never discuss.  The things that most of wish weren’t part of the reality of the world we live in.

This is to the hard asses of the world.  Keep the emotions locked up and figure out some sort of other thing to take from the rest of us.  Hard ass…


all photos via pinterest


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