MAN-ic Monday:Saint Laurent Skinny Feat. Gryphon O’Shea

Simple.  Classic. Grungy.

An overwhelming feeling of excitement plays a simple breezy tune in my head when looking at this editorial.  A modern look on a classic staple.  It’s all here.  The faded jeans, denim, bleached , braided belts… The waves and soft edges don’t hurt either.  This Monday I give you a little slice of breezy… and just in time.

Check out the entire editorial on before you kill us all

Hedi Slimane
Model:Gryphon O’Shea

Inspiration: Birthday Dreams

Every year at about this time… something kicks in.  Either the let go of the past or an insight into the future. I can never really tell what exactly it is.  Completion of myself in a constant evolution.  Changing the threads as much as changing the days of the week.  To find myself it is important to loose myself.  Forgetting what has held me down and what could possibly lift me up.  Letting go of lost love and embracing the arms of found love.  Remembering who I was and who I will become.  My birthday dreams… becoming … lingering… figuring… out exactly what I’m suppose to be for another year of evolution.


all photos via pinterest

Inspiration: Sunday Ease

It is always good to remind ourselves of what an obtainable outfit may look like.  The contrasts and boldness of our own personas can be toned down by replacing the bold with the not so bold.  With Sundays being a day of rest for most of us… this is some of my outfit inspiration based upon the subtle comfortability of the ease of a Sunday.

Happy sunday friends.



All photos via pinterest


MAN-ic Monday: Jeremy Dufour for NK. “Open Up”

We all love some male models, their own personalities that pour through the editorials that we choose to influence our own lives.  Jeremy, a French model gets a contemporary robe with some bold statements.  From Jackets, to blazers, cardigans… to the over embellished character influence.  It gives us a great look into what a world with a little more imagination can produce.  Clean lines, simple structure, easy tones… but just the right amount of courage to land this editorial on this weeks MAN-ic Monday.

Merci Jeremy. Tenez-vous romantiques.

Inspiration: Dramatics

Completely crushing walls…  The dramatics stand out from the overly accessorized to the heeled bold.  The transformation from subtle to extreme can be tempted with the slightest touches from different areas of confidence.  The sweet beat of the song being played is that of the over dramatic.  The ones that seem to draw attention to the over embellished by throwing simplicities a different type of bone.

Finding love and balance in confiding in the dramatic swarms.  Seeing all the glitz inside the glamour.

Some extreme inspiration from the boys of Drama…

all photos via pinterest