Inspiration: All Layered Up

Wake up.


Crisp air blows through the window from the world outside.  The smooth aroma of the coffee slowly brewing seems to bring you up from a slumber that has lasted all year.  The rags we choose to throw on seem to comfort not only our skin, but our souls as well.  From the “Vanillas” to the “Home Boys” we all find ourselves wrapping up in the garments that perfectly coat.

Get up.  Stranded on the street you glide through the woven city and find that the trends seem to never change.  Throw it all on.  From scarves to denim to coats and tails… Fall is never not layering .  Get lost in your own creation of the swirl.  Make your own comfort quilt and set the new standard.  The individual standard.






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Fashiongrunge really did it this time!  Dedicating their latest editorial to the boys! Creating a clean yet bold statement inspired by the photography of Darren Black.  Gathering awesome pieces that scream individuality from ZaleZ Studio , Rik Villa, LEOnine, ADEEN, Makia…  and slamming it to the concrete with the mixture of some of LA’s strongest guys.  John Erickson, Adam Friedlander, and Allen Theosky Rowe  really capture some of the brands always evolving look.

Check out for the full editorial including words and inspiration from the shoot from Editor Lauren Brown.

I give you “Nightcrawlers”


Models: John Erickson, Adam Friedlander, Allen Theosky Rowe

Photographer :Lauren Brown

Styled by : Becca Ciacchi and Cody Mccook

Production Assistant : Jacob Valentin

Fashion Assistant : Sean Karimian

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MAN-ic Monday: Boys Town

The beginning of the next is finally here! has dedicated their next editorial to ” The Boys”.  While working on the project I’ve decided to give it up to the boys with the ink!  The boys who draw fashion inspiration and implant it onto the skin of themselves.  The flowing of stories broken down by simple lines dividing each memory.  The forever proposal is something most admirable .  The thoughts and creations brought forward inspire us all to look a little deeper.  It’s just not something to be afraid of anymore.  It’s just another expression of art.

Here is to the new age of being your art.

And don’t forget to check out “Boys Town” on NOW!

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Inspiration: Long Hair Don’t Care

Self expression…

Having been doubting my own selfs evolution, and treading lightly with some new discovery.  I have been playing with the idea of doing something drastic to my own locks.  Then I remember the meaning, the fantasy, the persuasion if you will…

The growth of an individuals outer shell can take years to perfect.  The stable grounding of any “comfortable in your own skin” person has taken it’s very own lengthy time to grow.  This one’s for the boys who have had the patience to grow their own self portrait The boys who have brought an equal balance to the gender breakdown in today’s fashion.

Comfortable in your own skin.  Isn’t that what it’s all about?


All photos via pinterest

“Modern Boys”

I present to you … Awesome.

Always keeping my eyes on the stylings and designs by Rik Villa, the photos taken by Manny Serratos are show stopping!  Not to mention that one of my favorite designers Remy from ADEEN! had some of his pieces featured!  Bright colors reminding us what it is to live! The perfect combination of insight mixed with lost imagination.  Charming tones mixed with the not so there architecture.  Reminding us that the “Modern Boy” is more than just a simple nod in todays fashion.

It’s so great to see some of ‘s extended family doing some inspiration blasting!

Make sure you get into HUF Magazine and check out the full effect of the boys.

Great job gentleman.  Phenomenal.