Inspiration: Boundries

The cross contamination of mixed gender roles is something the world is always debating about.  Contamination said only because most of the general public would like to think that the mixing of staples taken from each genders role in fashion is nothing more than a taboo expression.

Keeping in mind that expressions are all brought upon how one dives into their inner selves to broadcast their outer selves.  One thing that springs to mine is the boys in heels.

The working lady has rubbed off in our own masculine subculture to devote to a whole new meaning of “working”.  The boys who put their fears behind and explore a new level of fashion.  Gender roles broken down, they stomp the streets spreading fear and boldness to those who witness.  I find myself also enjoying the height that the bolder side of living has brought.  I am not afraid to admit that I myself enjoy slippin on the Rick Owens wedge to feel a little bit of excitement and power surge through my own body .  If nothing else let this inspire us to continue to explore new realms in fashion.  Challenge ourselves to take steps in the direction of fearless.



All photos via Men In Heels Tumblr





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