MAN-ic Monday: Champion… Dudley O’Shaughnessy

I’m always finding myself constantly inspired by Dudley’s style!  Not only when styled in outrageous pieces, but even in his more discrete photos.  The simply overwhelming coverage of clothing along with a kick ass presence is all he needs to exude personal style through bolder more creative offers.  Dudley a boxer turned model…  Its hard for me to choose just one great look from this teacher.

I believe he grabbed most everyones attention when he came out in Rihanna’s “We Found Love” music video, however you should check him out in this video shot back in 2010 that he did for Tamburlaine Directed by Alex Franco inspired by the skin heads in the 60s…

“About Last Night” Bullet Magazine

“Willy and Dudley” Carbon Copy Magazine

“The Sound and the Fury” Film for NOWNESS

Joyrich Fall/Winter 2012

Interview by Cecile Harris

For the boys who wear prints on prints… patterns on patterns… vibrant colors… odd bold hardware…this ones for you.  The inspiration I always seem to pull from this heavy hitter.

Get motivated… get creative… start influencing.

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