MAN-ic Monday: “Bad Boy” Christopher Wetmore

Christopher Wetmore first grabbed my attention back in Arena Homme +. Completely inspiring me not only by his incredible connection to the observer but by challenging me through his own creative vibe.                       

Mr. Wetmore exudes more than just pop colors in one of his March released editorial “Ruffneck” .  His molded boldness pours out fashion forward thinking… with just the right amount of risky.  Comfortable in ones own skin seems to be the drive behind his more provocative solace.  We look to the bolder for inspiration.  Summoning the thoughts of   “what could be” more than dash for the possibility of accomplishing a milestone.  The “bad boy” images capture much more than just obscure and aggressive pieces… It captures a member of our own species doing exactly what we wish we could.

Platforms, leather jackets, bold colors, and “barely there attitude”…  Inspires me to let go a little more.  Mix my style up with something a bit more risky.  Let the hair down.

All photos via..

Hedi Slimane for VMAN

Christopher Wetmore Tumblr 



Before you kill us all


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