Inspiration: Boundries

The cross contamination of mixed gender roles is something the world is always debating about.  Contamination said only because most of the general public would like to think that the mixing of staples taken from each genders role in fashion is nothing more than a taboo expression.

Keeping in mind that expressions are all brought upon how one dives into their inner selves to broadcast their outer selves.  One thing that springs to mine is the boys in heels.

The working lady has rubbed off in our own masculine subculture to devote to a whole new meaning of “working”.  The boys who put their fears behind and explore a new level of fashion.  Gender roles broken down, they stomp the streets spreading fear and boldness to those who witness.  I find myself also enjoying the height that the bolder side of living has brought.  I am not afraid to admit that I myself enjoy slippin on the Rick Owens wedge to feel a little bit of excitement and power surge through my own body .  If nothing else let this inspire us to continue to explore new realms in fashion.  Challenge ourselves to take steps in the direction of fearless.



All photos via Men In Heels Tumblr





MAN-ic Monday: Champion… Dudley O’Shaughnessy

I’m always finding myself constantly inspired by Dudley’s style!  Not only when styled in outrageous pieces, but even in his more discrete photos.  The simply overwhelming coverage of clothing along with a kick ass presence is all he needs to exude personal style through bolder more creative offers.  Dudley a boxer turned model…  Its hard for me to choose just one great look from this teacher.

I believe he grabbed most everyones attention when he came out in Rihanna’s “We Found Love” music video, however you should check him out in this video shot back in 2010 that he did for Tamburlaine Directed by Alex Franco inspired by the skin heads in the 60s…

“About Last Night” Bullet Magazine

“Willy and Dudley” Carbon Copy Magazine

“The Sound and the Fury” Film for NOWNESS

Joyrich Fall/Winter 2012

Interview by Cecile Harris

For the boys who wear prints on prints… patterns on patterns… vibrant colors… odd bold hardware…this ones for you.  The inspiration I always seem to pull from this heavy hitter.

Get motivated… get creative… start influencing.

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MAN-ic Monday: “Bad Boy” Christopher Wetmore

Christopher Wetmore first grabbed my attention back in Arena Homme +. Completely inspiring me not only by his incredible connection to the observer but by challenging me through his own creative vibe.                       

Mr. Wetmore exudes more than just pop colors in one of his March released editorial “Ruffneck” .  His molded boldness pours out fashion forward thinking… with just the right amount of risky.  Comfortable in ones own skin seems to be the drive behind his more provocative solace.  We look to the bolder for inspiration.  Summoning the thoughts of   “what could be” more than dash for the possibility of accomplishing a milestone.  The “bad boy” images capture much more than just obscure and aggressive pieces… It captures a member of our own species doing exactly what we wish we could.

Platforms, leather jackets, bold colors, and “barely there attitude”…  Inspires me to let go a little more.  Mix my style up with something a bit more risky.  Let the hair down.

All photos via..

Hedi Slimane for VMAN

Christopher Wetmore Tumblr 



Before you kill us all

Inspiration: End Of Days

Inspiration comes to me in layers of black.  My personal style exudes simple lines, addressed with more punctual themes.  My mind allows my style to drape my frame to present a cloud of inspiration to myself if anything.  Being comfortable and owning your own look is something of a greater importance than allowing your insecurities to hold you back.  Wearing the pieces never allowing them to wear you. This is my dog days of summer transition into my fall self.  Let the images inspire not only my look for the upcoming season, but to also instill a spark of something in those afraid to venture down this particular road.

My fall transition inspiration.

All photos via Pinterest

Boyfriend Material : Glorious Bastards

Alright…  I know I’m a bit late with this one, but I mean… Who can really say no to this editorial?  Darren Black shot the Glorious Bastards editorial for Papercut Mag and in my opinion it was a little light in a world full of dark.  The Images are not only outstanding , but the character exposure illuminating from each model is beyond comprehension.  The perfectly simple fashion contributes to the not so modest body shots.  Ricki Hall, Sam Thompson, Daniel Bamdad, Lawson, Jake Hold, Jimmy Q and Jack Wright… I’m sure there is one or two of them in there you wouldn’t mind holding onto until Mr. Right comes along.  So until next time… Here is a bit of boyfriend material to get us through the work week.


Photos via Papercut Mag