West Coast Love

After being on the road with the Fashiongrunge team, it feels so good to be back on the west coast.  Looking up, the sun beaming down, the air seems a bit sweeter, and the sea breeze reminds us of why we call it the “best” coast.   Easy living is something we seem to forget until we are put out of the place then return to the breezy side of things.  It’s good to look around and see that the style of LA is something of it’s very own.  Comfy looks mixed with the statements of our own little neighborhoods.   Casual and comfy couldn’t be more of a statement in the city where the boys seem to “throw” it together perfectly.

From the sunny beaches of Venice and Malibu to the glistening hills of Beverly and Hollywood…

Stand up LA … Stand up.

all photos via pinterest dapperlou.com , sluts and diamonds and onabbotkinney.com


Snap-Back Boys

Classically sprinkled onto the tops of so many of us.  The classic, simple, bold, and defining  look brings more than just a comfortable feeling of being “lazy”.  The pieces placed upon ones head seems to define more than just a subtle day.  Telling a story of ones inner expression presenting itself onto the heads of the carriers.  The simple statement seems to be forever classic.  Something that evolves through the wear of ones journey.

Keeping it simple yet defining for the boys in the hats.

all photos via pinterest.com/

MAN-ic Monday: Lovin The Crew

Inspired by the grouping of those we call “stylish” .  Keeping in mind that friendship and bonds run deeper than the latest season collection, however binding them in a way where we can capture the best of both worlds.  The boys who keep it together and belong together.  The fashion that clashes in just the right way.  Making sure that the binding of the threads represent the simplest form of solace.  The boys who keep the concept of intuition mixed with compassion can compile a statement making group of individuals dedicated to the respect of each other.

“The Crew” this ones dedicated to the boys who stun us with their individuality while blowing our minds with true devotion.




All photos VIA pinterest and fashiongrunge.com

Sunday Inspiration: New York Heat

The thought of standing outside in the oppressive humidity is something most of the world cannot bare!  Over the weekend I have found some awesome pieces throughout the city that have given me the edge one would need without having to sweat out the fall before it even makes it’s statement.  Simple statements, yet classic looks also reign in the upcoming season transition.

Here is a bit of Sunday inspiration to hopefully spark some fall forwardness.

The men in the classic must haves and a few pieces that I’m sure will give you the edge you are looking for.





All photos VIA pinterest



MAN-ic Monday: Mountain Men

Venturing from my sunny comfort of Los Angeles, finding my self in an old home.  Salt Lake City…

While on a multiple city tour with my Editor I have decided to let my surrounding home influence this weeks MAN-ic Monday.  I bring you the “Mountain Men” .  Influenced by the classic flannels, lumberjack red plaid, lumberjack shoes, boat shoes, blue denim, and some suspenders to hold it all up.  The men that control and tame the forests have influenced modern fashion from the time of the first tree fallen.

Here is a look at some rugged men… are they actual lumberjacks or have they been inspired to continue this classic look by incorporating the past with their “rugged” present.

All photos via Pinterest